[Article] Meeting Ben Glaetzer – Fabulous Barossa Valley
    Why wouldn’t the maker of a wine take the same sort of credit as the author of a book or article. Great meeting Ben Glaetzer from the Barossa Valley today. At the Roxy hotel, I recognized him immediately because at 11am he was the only person with four bottles of wine and a few glasses on the table. You might recognize the unique labels of Ben’s wines, which are taken from ancient Egypt.
    [Article] Discovering wines of Dry Creek Valley with Ann Petersen
    In fact, one article in the local paper in 1878 praised the region for producing some of the best wine in the state. Do you like Zinfandel? This variety can be considered a “California Classic” and grows well in many parts of the state. The Dry Creek AVA within the larger Sonoma AVA specializes in Zinfandel, its historical grape.
    [Article] ProWein 2017: Better Than Ever
    It was at ProWein where I see all the trends that spark article ideas for the next year. So this morning I changed my schedule in order to meet with the ProWein team who’ve come to NYC to meet journalists and give us a preview of what ProWein 2017 has to offer. I’ve been attending this excellent trade fair for a number of years in order to re-connect with favorite producers, meet new ones, and explore new trends.
    [Article] Recap of Amarone Anteprima 2016
    The articles below reflect my experiences with many of the producers. Amarone Anteprima 2016. Revisiting my FIJEV trip to Valpolicella for Amarone Anteprima 2016 , in February 2016. I was a participant along with other members of FIJEV for Anteprima Amarone. This event occurs annually, arranged by the Consorzio di Tutela Vini Valpolicella and designed to showcase the 2012 Amarone vintage.
    [Article] #WBC16: Smart Phone Photography and Videography
    This means that the more video you use in an article, the higher you will rank. Do you know how to use your smart phone for photography and videography? This smart phone photography and videography session was one of the best sessions of the conference, as video is the future for everyone. It has been revealed that more and more social channels are favoring video in terms of rankings.
  • DR. VINO  |  TUESDAY, JULY 5, 2016
    [Article] Brexit will give UK wine a hangover
    In the end, since the referendum was only advisory, and there’s been a wave of resignations among the political class, there’s a fair chance that no politician will actually trigger Article 50, which starts the clock and makes inevitable Britain’s departure from the EU. Tumult (anarchy?) is the current state of the main political parties in Britain after the Brexit referendum.
    [Article] Josh Cellars Wines at Bouley Botanical
    Fabulous opportunity to taste the range of wines from Josh Cellars, paired with the exquisite, and very healthy, cuisine of celebrity chef David Bouley who had just been featured in a New York Times article. Curious about Josh Cellars Wine? Both Joseph Carr, whose created the brand with his family, and David Bouley are brilliant, engaging speakers, and the evening was about their philosophy of life as much as it was about food and wine.
  • DR. VINO  |  THURSDAY, MAY 12, 2016
    [Article] Our robot overlords: Whole Foods store replaces wine specialists with iPads
    In an article in today’s NYT business section , the author compares the new 365 stores to Old Navy with Whole Foods being the Gap. Algorithms: 1. Humans: 0. So it will be in the wine aisle when the new 365 store by Whole Foods opens in two weeks. The store aims to target millennials by delivering foods in the Whole Foods ethos but with out the Whole Foods price tag (insert your own Whole Paycheck comment here). There will be fewer products in the stores and fewer employees.
  • A WINE STORY  |  MONDAY, APRIL 4, 2016
    [Article] Interview with Adrien Olivier of Domaine de Chevalier
    I wrote about Sauternes in a feature article for World of Fine Wine, and will link it once I return to New York next week. The 2015 Bordeaux vintage looks to be one of the great ones, and on this visit to En Primeur my first interview was with Adrien Olivier of Domaine de Chevalier. Adrien’s father Olivier bought the domaine in 1983, so Adrien and his brother grew up on he estate. Adrien knows winemaking, yet has an MBA and is very focused on the business end of the family estate.
  • DR. VINO  |  TUESDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2015
    [Article] Wine apps: finding the best
    I mention this not because this article is a design review, but because it actually inhibits your ability to understand and use the app. Jay Jacobs took my NYU class this past semester. He’s getting into wine and is a techie so he was interested in the latest wine apps. He ended up downloading a few–including one in beta–and test driving them so I invited him to write up his findings here. By Jason Jacobs.
  • DR. VINO  |  SUNDAY, JUNE 7, 2015
    [Article] The Haggler addresses Premier Cru
    There isn’t a comment thread on the article but you can comment elsewhere or write haggler@nytimes.com. The topic of wine futures has roiling the wine world recently. Yes, the lackluster campaign for Bordeaux 2014 futures has shaken some corners. But what I’m talking about here the payment and then non-delivery of futures at Premier Cru, a retailer in Berkeley, CA.
  • DR. VINO  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 2015
    [Article] Matthew McConaughey to star in The Billionaire’s Vinegar
    A second movie was optioned based on a New Yorker article about the Jefferson bottles. Wine will be splashing on the silver screen with Matthew McConaughey in a starring role. Deadline reports that the star of Dallas Buyers Club and True Detective will headline the cinematic adaptation of the Billionaire’s Vinegar. I’m glad the project is moving ahead. It’s based on the terrific book of the same name by Benjamin Wallace.
  • DR. VINO  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 16, 2015
    [Article] The fondue dilemma and the Swiss Franc surge
    Stewart, one of my favorite financial journalists, has an article in today’s Times examining the role of currency moves on various luxury products (and was kind enough to include a quote from Dr. Vino). The Swiss franc surged in foreign currency trading yesterday as the central bank decided to stop defending the 1.20 floor with the euro. Last trade in the EURCHF was 0.99, so that’s a 20% surge for the Swissie.
    [Article] Exclusive Port Tasting with Rui Falcao
    To really be honest with you, this experience was the crowning jewel on the exhaustive study I''ve spent on Port these last few months, initially undertaken for a scholarship and then for an article that should come out soon in Harpers Wine and Spirits. It''s not everyday. or for that matter, every lifetime. that one can try a Ramos Pinto Vintage 1924 Port. Or for that matter, a Kopke Colheita 1937 Port.
  • DR. VINO  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 13, 2014
    [Article] Miracle Machine: a 500-million view hoax
    The story had legs and ran away faster than Usain Bolt since it was picked up by a huge number of media outlets: According to one account , 600 publications wrote about the machine and the articles were read 500 million times. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Such is the case with the so-called “Miracle Machine,” a $499 countertop appliance that claimed to make water into wine in three days.
    [Article] Wine Market Council comes to NYC
    I scampered over to MoMA, where the event was held, and was able to hear the new trends that will carry me through another year of essays and articles. So I was at my desk, typing an essay, and just as I typed the words "according to the Wine Market Council" I realized that I was late for today''s annual event! News, overall, was good, yet somewhat the same.
  • DR. VINO  |  TUESDAY, JANUARY 7, 2014
    [Article] Napa Valley’s next generation of deer hunters, Porsche racers
    Check out the full article for an inside look at this rare breed. The SF Chronicle has a piece on the next generation of Napa Valley vintners. Here’s a snippet of what they’re up to: Young, ambitious and eco-friendly , with hobbies like deer hunting and Porsche racing , the next generation of California’s wine heirs is coming of age… Ah, yes, eco-friendly Porsche racing! Funny, with this lot, you think they’d be Scions.
    [Article] “Prolific wine counterfeiter” Rudy Kurniawan found guilty
    In many ways, counterfeit wine is the perfect crime since trophy bottles are often traded and flipped; even when the corks are pulled, the drinker may not know if it is the genuine article. The jury has returned a verdict: Rudy Kurniawan has been found guilty of selling counterfeit wine through the mail and engaging in wire fraud. Judge Richard Berman will announce the sentencing on April 24; Kurniawan could spend 40 years in federal prison.
    [Article] Dispatch from the Rudy Kurniawan trial
    They presented an email exchange when Jancis Robinson queried him about an article she was writing on counterfeiting and he said “I don’t keep detailed records…In Asia, we don’t keep detailed records. Rudy Kurniawan sat with his back to the gallery, his Men’s Warehouse suit bunching up below his neck. Some have said he’s lost weight since he’s been in jail; never having seen him before, I can’t confirm that. But he is a slight man with a young face behind his thick-framed, black glasses.
  • DR. VINO  |  THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 21, 2013
    [Article] Why do champagne prices decline during the holidays?
    A recent article in the Times mounts a parallel quest in understanding why turkey prices fall as Thanksgiving approaches and rose prices rise into Valentine’s Day. Also, as with the article’s example of low-priced tuna contributing to price compression of canned tuna during Lent, the presence of perfectly serviceable other sorts of lower-priced bubbles may act to compress the prices of champagne brands. Why do Champagne prices often decrease during the holidays?
  • DR. VINO  |  TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 5, 2013
    [Article] Riding the hashtag — in wine
    As the NYT article points out, social media advertising can be self-defeating: if a model proves successful, it will be imitated ad nauseam, which will eventually annoy the hell out of everyone who will leave the platform. There’s an excellent story on Gary Vaynerchuk in Sunday’s NYT business section. Gary left Wine Library and WLTV couple of years ago to start a firm providing social media marketing and–surprise!–he’s
  • DR. VINO  |  MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2013
    [Article] Gmail filters: killing wine flash sales?
    But I may be an anomaly since there’s an article in today’s Times that has a lot of hand wringing from email marketers. Gmail introduced some filters last month that pre-sort your email for you: if you’re not one of the half a billion users, emails that seem like bulkmail now get automatically sorted into a “promotions” tab out of the main inbox. I personally like it as it means fewer distractions.
    [Article] Tipping and Restaurant Service: Thoughts on the Pete Wells' Article in the NY Times, and Some Stories
    In the article Wells argues that our current system of tipping does not have an impact on the quality of service we receive and that we should consider changing the way servers are compensated. This is not a long article and worth reading, if you haven''t already. I want to share some of my thoughts after reading the article. A week ago the NY Times published dining critic Pete Wells'' thought provoking piece on tipping in restaurants.
  • DR. VINO  |  TUESDAY, AUGUST 27, 2013
    [Article] Chart: Where is wine venture capital flowing?
    There has been a spate of articles about a new gadget for preserving wine called the Coravin. What’s not been widely commented on is the fact that the founders raised a lot of money, notably almost $11.5 million in the last round. The company, based in Burlington, Massachusetts, raised these funds from 106 equity investors, including restaurateur Joe Bastianich who had tested the product–formerly known as the Wine Mosquito–at his restaurant, Del Posto.
  • DR. VINO  |  THURSDAY, AUGUST 22, 2013
    [Article] Decanting decanting
    Another decanting article = sigh, right? I gave the topic a whirl in an article over on wine-searcher.com to separate the good advice from the sediment. I am not even synthesizing it here since it would be as reduced as a young Cornas; uncork something and surf over to check out the whole article. The post Decanting decanting appeared first on Dr Vino's wine blog. wine science
  • WHY WINE BLOG  |  FRIDAY, JULY 5, 2013
    [Article] Galen Glen Stone Cellar Riesling 2012
    It didn''t just show up, the winery has been here since 1993 and finding an article that said, this PA Riesling was a double gold medal winner in California, drew my attention. Patio at Galen Glen A little background. I was born and raised in the coal regions of Pennsylvania. More specific I am a Skook (from Schuylkill County) raised in a town called Tamaqua. In 1970, at 22 yrs of age, I moved to the Washington DC area, where I met my wife.
  • DR. VINO  |  TUESDAY, JULY 2, 2013
    [Article] Summer of trashing wine
    A resurgence in interest in Bob Hodgson’s studies seems to have sparked the boom in articles deriding wine tasting and criticism. But these articles have also reached into the annals of the subfield to pull out other studies pointing to the fact that wine consumers are perhaps more influenced by price or labels than what’s in the glass in front of them. Sorry for the radio (er, blog) silence of late.
  • DR. VINO  |  MONDAY, JULY 1, 2013
    [Article] Google Reader is dead, long live feeds
    Here’s an article from Slate that suggests how to find another feed reader such as Feedly (with a one-click import from Google Reader), Pulse or the mobile-only Flipboard. A bit of housekeeping: Sadly and strangely, Google is ending the service known as Google Reader today. The thinking is that in this social media era, people get their news from Twitter and Facebook more than feeds. Yet 17,425 people subscribe to this site’s feed.
  • DR. VINO  |  MONDAY, MAY 20, 2013
    [Article] Craft beer is too hoppy. Discuss.
    ” I tweeted that the other day in response to this Slate article. “Craft beer is too hoppy. Discuss.” It sparked a good conversation on the twittuh and it seemed worth continuing here. While I like hops, there are a ton of hoppy and overly hopped beers in the market today as well as high-alcohol beers. But that’s okay. It’s probably a phase akin to liking high-alcohol, fruity wines dripping with 200% new oak.
    [Article] Uncouth Vermouth - Tasting with Bianca Miraglia
    Then after a few articles and the Vermouths started to become well known, they came back to me with a different attitude. Not too long ago I had the opportunity to meet and taste with Bianca Miraglia, the woman who founded Uncouth Vermouth. Uncouth Vermouth is made in Brooklyn from fortified wines made from Long Island grapes, using herbs that Bianca forages mostly in Long Island. I knew almost nothing about uncouth Vermouth before meeting Bianca.
  • DR. VINO  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 30, 2013
    [Article] Mayacamas Vineyards sold to Charles Banks & co
    ” In an article about their new Favia wines in 2010, the SF Chronicle wrote “It’s hard to imagine a more formidable wine duo than Andy Erickson and Annie Favia.” Bob and Elinor Travers bought Mayacamas Vineyards in 1968 when they were just 30 years old. Bob made the wines from the vineyards high above the floor of the Napa Valley ever since.
    [Article] Watch FC Porto vs Braga Live Stream Free 2013
    This article concerns only the football section. [link] [starttext] FC Porto vs Braga Portuguese Liga 2013 Monday, 8 April 2013 - 20.00 GMT Estadio Do Dragao, Porto The Futebol Clube do Porto (Portuguese), commonly abbreviated as FC Porto, is a Portuguese multi-sports club founded September 28, 1893 and based in the city of Porto, including a football section.
  • A WINE STORY  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 5, 2013
    [Article] Veuve Ambal “Battle of the Bubbles” at Le Bernadin
    So today -- having read this article -- was curious about how this sort of "underdog" versus the "landed gentry" would be conducted. Today at Le Bernadin several of NYC''s best sommeliers and wine writers were invited to a blind tasting to compare the ''Traditional Method'' Veuve Ambal from Rully to four competitors from Champagne (we are talking the BEST houses).
  • A WINE STORY  |  MONDAY, MARCH 25, 2013
    [Article] Tasting Vinho Verde with Laura Maniec at CorkBuzz
    You can read about my visits here , or the article that was published on Palate Press. What a fabulous time today at Corkbuzz! Imagine this, a Vinho Verde tutored tasting featuring some of its blended whites, single varietal Alvarinho, and even a red and rose. Laura Maniec, owner of Corkbuzz and key member of the Guild of Sommeliers, represents the region in America and gave a fantastic lecture about the climate, terroir, and the grapes.
  • A WINE STORY  |  SUNDAY, MARCH 10, 2013
    He now works for most of the specialized wine press in France: RVF, Planet Vins et Spiritueux, 3 Etoiles, Vigneron and abroad, Cookhand (South Korea), Decanter (UK), The Wine Spectator (USA – 6 covers and 400 articles to date) Der Feinschmecker (Germany). April is just one short month away, and I am super excited to visit Chateau Brane-Cantenac and not just taste the new vintage during En Primeur, but also also see the new exhibition of photographer François Poincet.
  • DR. VINO  |  THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2013
    [Article] Cooked wine: how temperature affects fine wine
    Well, for that and more, get on over and check out my article on why shipping temperature matters and what one company is doing about it. Don’t store fine wine in a sauna or on your take it with your next jungle expedition. But you knew that. Did you know that a wine’s can be chemical structure can be permanently altered within 18 hours at 86 degrees F (30 decrees C)? And did you know that 90% of wine shipped from France to China reaches 86 degrees, according to one analysis?
    [Article] Storing Wine: What You Should Know
    Obviously, if you use stands, you will not be concerned with what this article is about. INTRODUCTION Whether you buy 10 bottles or a thousand bottles of wine, if you don’t drink the wine within 6 months, you should be aware of the proper method for storing the bottles correctly. Storing wine incorrectly can lead to spoilage or premature aging of the wine.
  • DR. VINO  |  FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 2013
    [Article] Wine diplomacy: UK tasters diss wine, then pour it for Obama
    The article does not note the feedback, if any, from the Palace. The BBC has a story out on the UK Government’s wine cellar, valued at about $5 million. Needless to say, it puts the dinky White House collection to shame. Check out the slideshow from the London vaults.). One item that grabbed some attention in the vinosphere is that they served Obama a wine their tasters had described as “soapy” at his last state dinner at Buckingham Palace.
    [Article] Take Israeli Wine Out of the Liquor Store Ghetto
    To get into that debate here is beyond the scope of this article. Guest Post: "Take Israeli Wine Out of the Liquor Store Ghetto" By: Juda Engelmayer Having become somewhat of a wine enthusiast over the years, I have tasted many fine wines from all over the world, and have toured wineries in the United States and abroad in pursuit of a recreational oenophile’s whimsy.
    [Article] My Super Bowl Sunday
    I am composing the article on Super Bowl Sunday in parts or how the day progresses. I am doing something a little different with this post. Something I have never tried before. I am spending this day like I have for the past 25 years, TV screen is cleaned, recliner in position, party food is being prepared and the wine is sitting out and ready to uncork. Today, Shirley and Pam are preparing a Taco salad dip with a tray of hors d' oeuvres.
    [Article] Year In Review
    When I first sat down to start the article, I said to myself, " ya know, there really isn't that much to review for 2012." I've been doing these Years in Reviews for a few years now and came close to just forgetting or not really wanting to this year. Seemed logical that I not write a review of the year. Then, I did make some mental notes and put together a short list to help change my mind and record what was a 'life changing' 2012.
  • DR. VINO  |  MONDAY, DECEMBER 24, 2012
    [Article] The buyer of The Wine Advocate’s connection to wine retail
    Yet the article, written by Ch’ng Poh Tiong and Adam Lechmere, says that an examination of the share structure on December 17 shows that Soo Hoo and his wife Josephine Ng own 73% of the shares of Hermitage. Ng posted a response to the article on her Facebook page in which she did not deny the details.
    [Article] Horst Schulze Loves Chateau Brane-Cantenac
    In the article, Mr. Schultze went on to praise other wines, especially Brane-Cantenac (owner Henri Lurton pictured above). Below are some links to past articles: [link]. "Haut Brion speaks to me, yet can I say it's really better than the other first growths?" Horst Schulze, chairman and CEO of the Capella Hotel Group told Decanter magazine (December 2012 issue, page 125).
    [Article] About those Jefferson bottles…
    The article doesn’t state whether this was after his presidency. Thomas Jefferson is often known in wine circles as the best friend that wine enthusiasts ever had in the White House. He might even have been the sommelier-in-chief since he frequently poured wine at official functions (he abhorred whiskey, the main drink of the day) and had wine vaults built below the east colonnade for his collection.
  • DR. VINO  |  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2012
    [Article] A lightstruck rod of controversy
    However, even in the series of articles over on San Francisco magazine, a group of tasters blind tasted three bottled beers vs draft pours of the same beer and two of the bottled beers were “lightstruck” (including one in a brown bottle). In yesterday’s post about the advantages that craft beer has over wine , I mentioned both price and more consistency from a lack of cork taint as well as vintage variation.
    [Article] Dry First Growth Sauternes Launch from Chateau Coutet
    You can read more from my article on Decanter. "I think that the Opalie de Château Coutet 2010 would pair great with the crudo," Aline Baly, co-owner and media rep of the family owned Chateau Coutet tells me, famed for their first growth Sauternes. And for the main course, let's try the 1995 vintage of Ch Coutet (the sweet style) as the new vintages pair well with Scallops.
  • DR. VINO  |  SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2012
    [Article] Is Garagiste sui generis? The NYT profile of Jon Rimmerman
    The article says that he has over 136,000 subscribers to his emails and that he does “on average” $30 million of sales each year out of his office in Seattle. As heartwarming as it is to hear more about an iconoclastic and successful person in the wine business, I was left wondering about the article’s larger point. Or on the article, currently the #8 most emailed at NYTimes.com?
    [Article] “John Deere Tractors a Problem in Rioja”
    in this article, Alvaro Palacios was profiled and blames John Deere tractors for some of the current issues in Rioja, saying that Spanish winemakers bought them as a sign of prosperity when they made money. I read this quote in the October 15, 2012 issue of Wine Spectator. The problem was that tractors made it necessary to have wider, trellised rows. The profile was most interesting. reading between the lines, like many Rioja winemakers profiled, Palacios had some issues with his father.
    [Article] Tasting Notes September 9, 2012
    You can read an excellent article on Moscato here. 2010 Yarden Chardonnay Odem Vineyards (Gallilee, Israel). Luscious and aromatic , this Yarden Chardonnay is all about tropical fruit, fresh pear, and tangy citrus. With all its richness it is still balanced and elegant - and a fabulous price for an Israeli price at just under 20. I experienced it at The Modern. a top restaurant run by Danny Meyers at the Museum of Modern Art. We paired it with scallops and salmon. fabulous!
  • A WINE STORY  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 31, 2012
    [Article] Vintage Report: Barolo 2008
    I was just reading an article Tom wrote for the September 2012 issue of Decanter about the 2008 vintage, comparing their firm tannins and big fruit to what he calls the historic 1978s. In the article, he mentions that the sub-zones of La Morra performed the best, with Serralunga d'Alba and Barolo showing well. In the article, he quotes Pietro Ratti who describes 2008 as a "precise vintage, with very apparent taste differences from place to place.
  • DR. VINO  |  MONDAY, AUGUST 27, 2012
    [Article] It’s Weihenstephaner time!
    Eric Asimov tastes through some domestic hefe weissbiers in an article for the NYT. If you haven’t discovered this category of summer refreshment, go straight for the Bavarian choice: track down some of the Weihenstephaner hefe weissbier. Weihenstephaner actually makes a range of beers, including dark and light (Kristall) weissbiers, but the hefeweizen is where the money is, imho, bottle-conditioned and slightly cloudy in the glass with classic banana/clove notes.
    [Article] More from WInes of Uruguay
    As you will read in the article I wrote for Palate Press below, Ann Pizzorno picked ups up at the airport and brought us to her Bodega Pizzorno winery. You can read my Palate Press article here and I'd love to hear your thoughts on the wine and the people. Have you tried a wine from Uruguay recently? They are so fantastic! The big surprise for me was the elegance of the white wines. And as you will read in the links below, they are making serious headway into "taming tannins.
  • A WINE STORY  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 10, 2012
    [Article] Wine Places to Check Out in London!
    I quoted Laura in one of my articles for Palate Press you can read here: The Connaught and the Dorchester were finalists, so I will have to check them out on the next trip. The article points out Giuliano Morandin in the Promenade bar as making great classic cocktails. I quoted him also in my Palate Press article and you can read it here. so I am reading the Harpers Awards 2012 and happy that some of my favorite restaurants are listed!
    [Article] Gramercy Park Wine & Cheese Pairing
    I wrote an article about Juliette for Sommelier Journal and you can read it here. so Juliette Pope at Gramercy Tavern helped us with some interesting Beaujolais wines - one from Morgan and one from Fleurie. The Morgon was Jean Foilard Cote du Py 2010 and the Fleurie was Clos de la Roilette 2010. I liked them both and actually was hoping to have more distinction between the two areas. The Morgan was not as 'masculine' as I would have thought, both were bright cherry red, and quite tart.
  • A WINE STORY  |  SATURDAY, JULY 28, 2012
    [Article] How to Buy Wine like an Expert
    The August 2012 issue of Decanter magazine has an interesting article written by Anthony Rose (and a panel of experts) for how to buy wine like an expert. In the article, Peter McCombie MW is quoted, saying "Familiar wines like Rioja attract a price premium because of their quasi-brand status. One of the more interesting segments deals with ordering wisely in restaurants.
  • DR. VINO  |  TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2012
    [Article] Invest in China, not wine (chart of the day)
    But the correlation is most notable between wine and the Shanghai composite as the above chart and article from Bloomberg shows. The S&P 500 and gold have outperformed fine wine as an investment over the past few months. Since the April 18, 2011 high in Shanghai, wine and Chinese stocks have moved down in tandem, a glaring correlation.
  • DR. VINO  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2012
    [Article] Turley white zinfandel, more Cali new wave & Burgundy wine fraud
    That’s three articles this week, so it is officially a trend to write about the trend. Remember wine in a can from a few weeks ago? Or the headline “”Beringer launches White Zinfandel Moscato”? Here’s something else to make your head spin: Turley…11.2% alcohol…pink wine…Yes, Turley, the icon of high-octane Zinfandel, has released a “white Zinfandel.”
  • DR. VINO  |  WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13, 2012
    [Article] Movie rights sold for “A Vintage Crime”
    Eddie is a huge wine collector who knew Rudy, and likely bought a few bottles from him, and when we got a peek at this article, Eddie flipped for it and we bought it preemptively,” Todman told Deadline. “It Level 1 Entertainment has purchased the movie rights to “A Vintage Crime,” a story by Mike Steinberger about wine counterfeiting that appeared yesterday on VanityFair.com. Edward Milstein and Bill Todman Jr.
    [Article] What to do? What to do??
    Just delete the blog if one is not going to post new articles. Sorry that is has been almost a month since my last post. Things have be happening pretty fast around here since mid May. I haven't really stopped drinking wine, but I have be putting more time into getting ready for my upcoming retirement. Yes, I decided to retire from my day job and start enjoying life. One big question that has be hashed over and over, is what do I do with Why Wine Blog. I do have several options.
  • DR. VINO  |  TUESDAY, MAY 22, 2012
    [Article] Tyler wines and Chateau Your Name
    Check out this SF Chron article on some recent goings on in Sta. (!) The wines of Tyler winery get a thumbs up from me for the brilliance of the name alone–but also for what’s inside the bottle. I tasted a few of them recently at a trade tasting and was impressed with the lean, taut wines from a land known all too often for buxom chardonnay and pinot noir. Rita Hills.)
  • DR. VINO  |  THURSDAY, MAY 10, 2012
    [Article] Rudy Kurniawan, aka “Dr. Conti” indicted on four counts
    But details will emerge as the legal proceedings continue; also, two articles in major, non-wine magazines are in the works. Rudy Kurniawan, aka “Dr. Conti” aka “Mr. 47,” was indicted on four counts of counterfeiting, mail fraud and wire fraud in federal court yesterday. Mike Steinberger posted the 25-page indictment signed by US Attorney Preet Bharara to his blog.
  • DR. VINO  |  MONDAY, APRIL 2, 2012
    [Article] Veggie burgers – impossible food-wine pairing?!?
    So here’s something more useful: five veggie burger recipes via the Times, where the article was as high as number two on the most emailed article list over the weekend. Okay, we just did an “impossible” challenge but it reeked of pipi and April foolery. Seeing it on the way to the Trade Joe’s, we decided we would try it out here at the Dr. Vino World Headquarters.
  • DR. VINO  |  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28, 2012
    [Article] Millennial foodies, check. But no love for the millennial wine geeks?
    ” Such is the headline of a New York magazine article about young foodies. If millennials are driving wine consumption as survey data show , then I can’t wait for the NY mag article profiling a budding wino, posting pics of Jura labels to Instagram. “When Did Young People Start Spending 25% of Their Paychecks on Pickled Lamb’s Tongues?” Or, rather, one young foodie, the 27-year-old Dine Chang.
  • DR. VINO  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 27, 2012
    [Article] Wine circa 1933, LOLz, Cheval Blanc ’47, lite beer — sipped & spit
    Fortune.com republished a lengthy archive article from 1934 over the weekend. A Bloomberg article suggests the increased interest in wine is, in part, spurring America’s thirst for craft beer. SIPPED: circa 1933. There’s lots to savor: the author suggests American wine can handily undercut French wine on price, urges an Eastward expansion of vineyards in the US, and notes that Champagne wasn’t considered wine by government policy. SIPPED: LOLz.
  • A WINE STORY  |  FRIDAY, MARCH 16, 2012
    [Article] Carmenere Surprise: Brane-Cantenac to Use Varietal in Grand Vins
    In my Decanter article , I explain the decision behind its revivival. You probably know that in Maraux, six varietals are allowed: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, Petit Verdot, and Cabernet Franc. yet in the past, Carmenere was and is still allowed. The problem until now is that it was difficult to ripen fully. News brane-cantenac carmenere decanter
  • DR. VINO  |  MONDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2012
    [Article] Home brewing, yes. But where’s the home winemaking?
    An article on Slate details that policy held back the hops: banned after Prohibition, it wasn’t until President Carter signed legislation in 1979 that allowed households to brew up to 200 gallons a year. One of the most exciting drink stories in America is the craft beer revolution and its related rise in home brewing.
    [Article] Marius Gentaz Côte-Rôtie - a Dinner for the Ages.
    I'll try to share some notes and experiences, but maybe before you read on, take a look at this lovely article by Eric Asimov from this week's Dining section - he writes about Gentaz and offers more context for the wines. The other night I did something that I have never done before, and most likely will never do again. I drank a Marius Gentaz Côte-Rôtie.
    I guess I liked it because I still think too many people don’t trust their own pallets, instead preferring to rely on “experts” Hogwash I say…check out this cool article about how much the experts really know… EXPERTS FAIL CHAMPAGNE TASTE TEST [.]. It has been forever since I’ve posted but I saw this and LOVED IT!
    [Article] First Languedoc-Roussillon Study & Certificate Program
    I spent a half day in Picpoul with some other educators , and also wrote an article about it for Palate Press. Today was the first day of the Languedoc Roussillon Study & Certificate Program offered by the French Wine Society with support from Sud de France. Twenty lucky students (most of whom I knew through my travels) crowded into the Maison de la Région Languedoc -Roussillon. A very successful first day.
    [Article] Burgundy Wine Club 2012 - Pommard
    Here is an article about Pommard from Burgundy Report. Seven friends and I pool our money every year to buy about 8 bottles of Burgundy wine, wine that we wouldn't buy individually because of the high cost and the risk of bad bottles. Every year at around this time we get together over dinner and share the wines. This year the theme of our dinner was the great vineyards and producers of Pommard. Pommard is not the most glorious of Burgundy appellations, not by a long shot.
    [Article] The New Chinese Palate
    From the article there seem to be several key issues: 1. Panos Kakaviatos, who I see almost everywhere in the world, wrote a great news analysis for Meiningers Wine Business International about the new Chinese Palate. He was in Shanghai to judge the International Wine challenge and spoke with several officials and consumers about what was going on in the wine world. Competitions feature more non-French wines. High taxes on wine mean that young buyers seek wine in the 2 - 4 Euro range.
    [Article] Year in Review
    Also, I am looking for contributors to post articles. I guess saying that 2011 was not as eventful as 2010 would be understating it a little. Although one must still put up with some of the aches and pains of old age there was nothing very serious to deal with other than a slight weight issue. Seems I have found the pounds that were lost or misplaced during the early part of the year. I did get back into the gym, but have been delinquent since Thanksgiving.
    [Article] Are Scores a Necessary Gateway to the Market?
    At any rate, I found Jefford's article to be quite gripping and correctly reflects the situation of small producers trying to make a go of it in today's score oriented world. Today in his column Andrew Jefford tells the story of a woman from a small village who said some Canadian importers were interested in carrying her wine, yet wanted to know if they had been "scored" by any North American critics.
    [Article] Facts About Tailgaiting
    Today I received this article from onlinecolleges.net on Facts You Never Knew About Tailgating which is pretty interesting. While recuperating from another ulcer problem, I've been doing very little on the blog and less on the wine tasting. Looks like I'll be back in a few days. In the mean time I have been watching a lot of NFL and NCAA football and reliving some of the old tailgating days out side the old Archbold Stadium and then the Carrier Dome here in Syracuse.
    [Article] Thanksgiving Day Wines 2011
    Click here to read my article on Palatepress.com. Curious about what wine to bring for Thanksgiving dinner? The most important consideration is to find a good "food wine" -- especially wines that will pair well with thanksgiving foods like turkey and sweet potatoes that also have that elusive quality of "balance.". Below are three wines, a white and two reds, that you can find in a store near you that have incredible balance and can pair nicely with your holiday meal.
  • DR. VINO  |  TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2011
    [Article] Cheval Blanc, half bottles, Beaujolais, cot – sipped and spit
    Beaujolais from 2009 and 2010 get thumbs up in a thoughtful LA Times article. SIPPED: Bordeaux brands. How big is your brand extension? Cheval Blanc, one of the wines in the LVMH stable, will include a Paris luxury hotel of the same name. Decanter.com ]. Oh my cot! Things you learn in the WSJ : Cahors is the only region of France where malbec is still grown. Actually, Cahors only grows two-thirds of French malbec per ONIVINS. SIPPED: diversity.
    [Article] Regional group charges wineries fees for Wine Advocate tasting
    Moreover, I require full disclosure of such hospitality they receive in the articles that emanate from these trips. How do wineries prepare for a visiting critic? In Murcia, a region in the southwest of Spain, the answer this month is: they charge. Correspondence has surfaced from a regional association to the wineries entitled “Urgent: winery participation in Jay Miller’s visit.” ” Jay Miller reviews Spanish wines for Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate.
  • DR. VINO  |  WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2011
    [Article] Pax Mahle’s enormous eggs
    Anyway, Alice Feiring’s recent article about amphora wines of Pax and his eggs. When I bumped into Pax Mahle earlier this year at his Sonoma wine making facility, I told him I wanted to see his eggs. Fortunately, he didn’t drop his drawers but took me to his fermenting room where he had a massive pair of stone, egg-shaped fermenters! Pax used to make full-throttle wines, syrahs and pinots mostly, that scored big Parker points.
  • DR. VINO  |  MONDAY, OCTOBER 17, 2011
    [Article] Sea Smoke declares own vineyards “Grand Cru” on the label
    Queried about their decision to use their term, Director of Winemaking Victor Gallegos pointed me to this Wine Spectator article in which James Laube called Sea Smoke “an important part of Santa Barbara’s wine scene and one of its ‘grand cru’ properties.” New for the 2009 vintage: Sea Smoke of Santa Barbara is putting “California Grand Cru” on the label. The term is pure marketing.
    [Article] Regional Wine Week 2011
    DLW also commissions articles about some of the biggest trends in regional wine. Sunday October 9th kicked off the fourth annual Regional Wine Week, an event started in 2008 by Jeff Siegel ( The Wine Curmudgeon ) and Dave McIntyre ( Dave McIntyre's WineLine ) and hosted by DrinkLocalWine.com. DLW) During Regional Wine Week, writers across the U.S. post stories about their favorite regional and local wines, wineries, and events to their their blogs, Web sites, magazines, and newspapers.
  • DR. VINO  |  SATURDAY, AUGUST 27, 2011
    [Article] Neptune, cellarmaster
    The article doesn’t say which type of closure they used but if it was a crown cap, as is common for bottle fermentations, doesn’t that have an oxygen transmission pretty close to zero anyway? Into the abyss. You might think that’s the metaphorical direction of our country these days, with the economy on the shoals, an earthquake and hurricane rattling the east coast, and the great Steve Jobs retiring.
  • DR. VINO  |  THURSDAY, AUGUST 25, 2011
    [Article] Placenta: impossible food-wine pairing?!?
    So a new mother is quoted in a New York magazine article on cooking placenta. “When I was pregnant, I just craved organs…so the placenta just made sense.”. No, not polenta–placenta. I’ve never delivered a placenta personally, so maybe that’s why I find it a little difficult to, erm, swallow.
    [Article] Congratulations to Daniel Boulud Restaurant Daniel
    The articles are under copyright, yet here is a passage I can share: Rajeev Vaidya is one of Manhattan’s more popular. Rajeev Vaidya. Very excited to read in the latest issue of Wine Spectator that Daniel Boulud, one of my favorite NY chefs, is on the cover of the September 2011 issue representing French Chefs in America. I've interviewed Chef Boulud many times for many publications over the past several years, starting from his Le Cirque days and it's been great to see his evolution.
  • DR. VINO  |  FRIDAY, AUGUST 5, 2011
    [Article] Stealth box wine – Magdala rosé
    One they may not have included in the article was the Magdala rosé. As a fan of the box wine format , though not always the wine inside, I was pleased to see Eric Asimov and the NYT wine panel recommend some box wines. Their clear favorites were the Wineberry Cotes de Rhone red and the Eztezargues , boxes that I have also recommended. We’ve worked our way through a box of the 2010–liquid air conditioning–so far this summer at the Dr. Vino World Headquarters.
    [Article] Finding the Greatest Pleasure that a Thing has to Offer
    A link to a nice article , although outdated, about Ibérico ham. While taking a long walk the other day after work, I stopped in at a wine store where I used to shop, but never really go anymore. I very much like the woman who buys the wine there. She has an interesting and slightly frustrating job because the store is a little neighborhood place with no internet sales, they sell bottles to customers who walk in, that's it. Most sales are of the $10 variety, I would guess.
    [Article] Finger Lakes Riesling Festival 2011
    I posted this article a few hours ago and been told by Pam & Shirley that I have my dates confused about last year and that I am beginning to show my age, after all the memory does go first. In the first post (since deleted) I mentioned the fact that I was unable to attend last years Finger Lakes Riesling Festival and that the '09 Fest was a torrential down pour. I was quietly informed that it was last year Shirley and I attend the Festival in the rain and not '09.
  • A WINE STORY  |  SUNDAY, JULY 31, 2011
    [Article] Weak Economy Energizing Second Labels?
    Very interesting article by Paul Franson in the Napa 'valley Register about wineries creating more 'second wines' to sell to people who can no longer afford to pay very high prices for icon wines. The grapes are culled from less desirable vineyard blocks, or less expensive barrels (or oak chips) may be used to keep the prices down. Some producers are open about their second wines, others try to distance themselves from the wines.
    [Article] Umami and Wine
    Quoting the wikipedia article: One of (Akira) Kuninaka's most important discoveries was the synergistic effect between ribonucleotides and glutamate. Wine can have a savory taste, I've experienced it countless times. It is not specific to a grape variety, I find, more to certain places and techniques of wine making. For example, Jura wines, some red and almost every white have a certain umami taste to me. And most Sherries aged under flor. Many Champagnes too.
  • DR. VINO  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 27, 2011
    [Article] Pin-up winemakers, smashed shiraz, a map, WBC – sipped and spit
    Thirteen.org has a new magazine called MetroFocus , which has an article on NY wines. BOOSTED: …awareness! Young Austrian winemakers have posed scantily clad for a calendar to boost…awareness! Of Austrian wine. Which one is Miss Gru Vee again? Appearing later this year: a calendar of old hag winemakers from the mountains. Decanter ]. CRASHED: shipping container. A forklift lifted 462 cases of wine 20 feet in the air!
    [Article] July Wines - a Laundry List
    This producer and this particular wine was recently lauded by Eric Asimov in an article about the wines of the Aube. Here are some notes on great wines that I was lucky to drink in July, mostly because of the generosity of friends: Equipo Navazos La Bota de Fino Nº 24 , $60, Eric Solomon Selections/Imported by European Cellars. This is what we drank with the pasta and artichokes in the previous post, and it was a shockingly good pairing with the pungent dish.
  • DR. VINO  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 2011
    [Article] Congressional Wine Caucus sips under the radar
    Thompson’s district includes Napa and he is also a grape grower; the article made this seem like a conflict of interest. The article did remind me of the Congressional Wine Caucus, an informal, bipartisan group of over 200 members of Congress–&# the anti-Tea Party&# as @sippingsister put it–that Thompson heads. The New York Times ran a front-page story on Congressman Mike Thompson recently.
  • DR. VINO  |  FRIDAY, JULY 8, 2011
    [Article] This week in wine – a quiz!
    3) The NYT had a much-discussed, front-page article on a member of Congress who is close to an industry in his district. In honor or “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me&# bringing their weekly news quiz to the NYT , we offer a news roundup this week in quiz format. 1) According to a new study released, the Napa Valley will be “unsuitable&# for what by the year 2040? a) Luxury resorts. b) Walnut trees. c) Premium grape growing. d) Honeymoons.
  • A WINE STORY  |  SATURDAY, JUNE 25, 2011
    [Article] The Chinese Market: Do Mid-Range Wines have a Chance?
    Decanter magazine ran an article in which Ian Ford, managing partner of Shanghai-based Summergate, one of the three biggest mainland-based importers, said Chinese consumers will ‘move away from image-hunting and begin to buy much more on knowledge.’ ( You can read the article here ). So I just returned from Vinexpo where the talk was all about the chinese Market. As you know, top chateaux are creating special bottles for China, and are looking East to sell their wine.
    [Article] Master Class: des Crus Classes de Sauternes & Barsac
    I wrote other articles pairing Sauternes (and Barsac) with Indian food, and also recorded my experience with Pierrre. So what fun to attend the special VinExpo "Master Class" on pairing Sauternes with Chinese food. I was very excited to attend for two key reasons: First, I won an AXA scholarship for my ideas on the subject, and second, a benefit of the scholarship was a day at AXA property Chateau Suduiraut picking grapes (and even vinifying them!) with winemaker Pierre Montegut.
    [Article] When Wine Pairing Goes Wrong - Fiano Edition
    Maybe it was sir Asimov's article , but who knows. A couple years ago I enjoyed a special meal at Convivio, the now-closed restaurant in Tudor City. The inimitable Levi Dalton was of course the chef somelier. When eating or drinking at a master's establishment, I think it's a good idea to simply put yourself in the master's hands - think omakase at a great sushi bar. The master sushi chef knows far better than I about which fish are the freshest and tastiest, and how best to serve them.
  • WHY WINE BLOG  |  THURSDAY, MAY 19, 2011
    [Article] My Kingdom for a Glass of Wine.PLEASE
    First, don't even try to post an article with out a glass of wine on hand. Speaking of the blogosphere, I was also following a few articles about "Should Wine Writers Be Certified?" I know what my answer is and I am not being biased because I am not a wine writer, but I do believe that one of the articles on that subject may have been aimed at bloggers like me and some of the many bloggers I follow and have come to respect for their knowledge of wine and the wine industry.
  • A WINE STORY  |  FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 2011
    [Article] Hospices du Rhone (Paso Robles) 2011
    ne Valley was awarded the ‚2010 Wine Region of the Year by Wine Enthusiast Magazine (you can see an article I wrote for them here on pairing red wine - Rhone style wine! Very excited to be here in Paso Robles for 19th Annual Hospice du Rhone! This year, the Rho?ne with fish ). Will I see you here in Paso Robles? This post is a bit short, as I am racing off to the 9am tasting. This seminar focuses on the history of this wine region, and the panel includes Michel Gassier of Cha?teau
    [Article] HR 1161 And A New Chapter on Wine in the Capitalists' Bible
    I am stealing this article from Tom Wark. Tom is the author of one of my favorite wine blogs. Fermentation, The Daily Wine Blog This is where I go to find information on what is happening in or the current trend in the wine industry. He is also an advocate for the defeat of H.R.
    [Article] An Evening with the Jura Wines of Domaine Ganevat
    I could try to describe the estate for you, but I would just be sourcing Joe Salamone's excellent article on the Crush website. I loved the 1999 Les Vignes de Mon Père, a Savagnin from Chalasses vineyard, normally topped up, but this wine felt like a sous-voile wine (and Joe's article mentions that is because the wine was actually not topped up at the end of its elevage).
  • A WINE STORY  |  SUNDAY, MARCH 27, 2011
    [Article] En Primeur spotlight on Chateau Brane-Cantenac
    To read more of my articles about Chateau Brane-Cantenac, click here. Curious to consider that in the two thousand year history of the wine world, Classified Growth Bordeaux still retains its magic, value, and allure. In light of En Primeur, I'll be spotlighting some favorite chateaux and their history. Created in 1735, Margaux-based Chateau Brane-Cantenac caught the roving eye of the Donald Trump of the Bordeaux wine world: the worldly, aristocratic Baron Hector de Brane in 1833.
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